Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pictures from Helsinki, Tallinn, and Stockholm

Welcome to Helsinki!

Uspenski Cathedral (Eastern Orthodox)

Inside the Uspenski Cathedral

Shelby and I visiting the pres, nbd.

Helsinki Cathedral (Lutheran)

Alexander II

Inside the Helsinki Cathedral

We're on a boat!

Welcome to Tallinn!

Building in the main square/old city

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Orthodox)

Photographic proof!

Beauty on a plate = strawberry and ricotta crepes.

Pig window planters?? Yes, please!

Out and about in Tallinn

Lauren, Julia, and Shelby on the Baltic Queen, ready for some dinner

Welcome to Stockholm!

Lovely day in Stockholm

At the Vasa Museum.

She was a beaut!

Now she's a less-colorful beaut

Goodbye, Sweden!

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