Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishing Trip: Pictures

Here are some pictures from our fishing trip... Hope you enjoy!
-KJO (and SLC)
We had to wake up to this view outside Gullstein feriested every morning... yeah, it was rough.
Dried cod: Birger made us try some of this. It was interesting. Let's just say I'm glad I'm not a Viking...
Here's a cod
Julia, Shelby, and Lauren
Ready to go fishin'! (l to r: Abby, Stephanie, Shelby, Kjerstin)
Fishing in the lovely weather (snow and hail). PS That's the fishing contraption I was talking about; some are made of wood, others, like the one pictured, are plastic.
Hello, Mr. Crab! We set out crab traps and caught some crabs (this one's missing his front legs, and he was too small so we threw him back), and we also caught....
Pretty starfish!
I made a new friend.
Shelby and the mountain
Kjerstin and Shelby: fisherwomen!
Norwegian scenery
Beautiful day
Ja, vi elsker dette landet... and you can see why.
The Geitbåt Museum in Halsa
A geitbåt being built (notice the curving neck of the bow?)
Our tour guide, Jon, showing us some joints used in log cabins in the area
Getting ready to go rowing
Picture break. Team 1: Reagan, Kjerstin, Mitch, Abby (Stephanie took the picture)
Heave, ho! Team 2: Andrew, Bryn, Julia, Shelby, Lauren
If it's in black and white is it easier to imagine it being 100+ years ago? That's an old boat.
Hiking up the mountain near Gullstein; time goes by so quick when you have views like this
Shelby and Kjerstin, the happy hikers :)

The Gullstein cabin--we got to look around inside, and it was really nice
The trail was a little muddy, but the view was spectacular
Hiking; we went through different types of terrain and flora
Fishing out on the Flink -- the water was so blue! A perfect day.
A young sei fish (from the cod family) we caught a lot of these
Red cabins/houses + mountains + fjord = typical Norwegian scene
The Admiral (Birger) and I (he let me wear his hat!)
Group shot from aboard the Flink (l to r: Mitch, Kjerstin, Lauren, Shelby, Andrew) Such a fun time!

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