Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gone Fishing

Hilsen fra Lillehammer!

Shelby here! We are getting very excited to leave on our fishing trip tomorrow morning. We will be gone a week driving up to the west central coast of Norway. This photo above is of Trondheim, where we will be visiting.

Here is our route for those of you that know your way around a map of Norway:
Lillehammer - Ringebu - Dombås - Lesja (our Norwegian teacher is also our guide and he is from this area) - Trolltinden - Rauma - Molde - Eide - Kristiansund (I think this part requires some ferry riding) - Tustna (this is where we will be staying while fishing.

However, we will be making it up to Trondheim at the end of our trip and then driving down a different way: Trondheim - Mellhus - Rennebu - Oppdal - Dombås - Nordfron - Ringebu - Lillehammer.

I am really excited to drive through a large section of Norway, since so far we have only been to Lillehammer and Oslo.

Once we get to our fishing location, we will be staying at a resort near the water, and fishing during the day. We will all be fishing with hooks and lines, while Birger may fish with a net. I believe we are using his fishing boat, or that of a friends, but Birger is an accomplished "admiral" as he likes to be called :)

In Norway, they have a law called Allemannsretten, which gives anyone in Norway, citizen or not, the right to: roam on foot or ski, camp or spend the night, ride bikes, swim in freshwater, drive a boat in the sea, and most importantly fish in saltwater basically anywhere in Norway.

This means that as Americans, we can fish in the ocean without having to get a license, which is a very nice thing indeed. And we can hike wherever we like by our cabin without being considered trespassers. Just another part of Norway's connection with nature!

It should be a most excellent adventure. We will take a lot of pictures and share them upon our return.

However, We leave tomorrow at 7 am, so we had better get packing and cleaning!

Ha det bra!

Shelby (and Kjerstin)

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