Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fishing Trip, Part 3: Trondheim, then back to Lillehammer!

Greetings Readers! Here is the third installment of the Fishing Trip saga. More pictures are still coming for the fishing trip, but for now we will move on to the end of our trip.

I, Shelby, will be talking about the last leg of our trip, including our visit to Trondheim and our drive home. The photo above is the scenery from our vehicle as we drove to Trondheim. Pretty, huh?

And here is the whole gang in front of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. From Left to Right: Me, Kjerstin, Mitch, Abby, Julia, Lauren, Birger, Stephanie, Bryn, and Andrew.

Nidaros is the religious "mecca" of sorts for Norway. It was established as the diocese of the archibishop in 1152!! That is one old church! It is an especially interesting architectural landmark for Norway considering that it is the only one of its kind in the whole country. Christians used to pilgrimage to Nidaros as a part of their faith.

The inside of the church was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, photos without flash (that was the rule!) do not do it justice.

Next to the Cathedral is the Archbishop's Palace, where there is now a museum on the Archbishop (which we visited), the Norwegian Crown Jewels (the easiest to view of all crown jewels that I have visited!), and a resistance museum (which was unfortunately closed until summer).

Birger took us to this old church that has been newly renovated for a celebration of Trondheims's. Unfortunately, I cannot recall what the celebration was, but regardless the church was still closed and we weren't able to go in :(

After eating at Egon (a Norwegian casual dining chain), we were given a few hours to wander around Trondheim. We followed Birger to fish market and saw the massive array of seafood they had to offer. Yum! Then we walked a bit along the fishing docks, stopped in a "Moods of Norway" store (very pricey, but very cute clothes), and headed back to the van. It was a short and sweet visit to Trondheim for us!

On the drive home from Trondheim the roads were even bumpier than they had been on our way to Tustna, so Abby, Mitch, and I did not get a whole lot of sleeping done in our back seat of the van. But we sure had plenty to look at :)

At one point way up in the mountains it looked for frigidly arctic outside that I half expected a polar bear to come bounding down the slopes. Luckily (or maybe not) that did not happen!

We only stopped minimally on the way home for snacks and groceries, and by the time we got back to Lillehammer, we were all ready to hibernate.

However, not all of us could since Lauren, Stephanie, Julia, and I were leaving for Bergen in a day. But that is another blog, another day!

Ha det bra!

Shelby (and Kjerstin)

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