Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photos from Birkebeiner and "Tre Bukene Bruse"

Some of our international friends came to watch as well. You can see Steffi (Germany) on the right with the brown hair, and next to her you can see Lucie’s (Czech) hand. Janneke (Netherlands) also came to support Julia. Some of the other students served as volunteers at the finish line, taking off tags, getting food, etc.

There’s our champion speeding towards the finish with her father right beside her!

And here’s the cheering section: Me, Kjerstin, Lauren, and Stephanie. The blue sign says “Julia, vi er glad i deg,” which basically means “Julia, we love you!”

Here you can see me (as the biggest goat) beating up the mean troll (Mitch). Notice our classy costumes :gray blankets and pigtail horns for the goats and a long paper nose for our troll. My line before this photo was “Ja, Kom du! Jeg har to spjut, med dem skal jeg stinge dine øyne ut!" Translation: “Yes, come you! I have two horns, with them I shall poke your eyes out!” Ouch.

And here’s our Norwegian class! Some of the costumes were pretty awesome. And there’s Birger himself, basking in the glow of a successful class :) (Countries Represented: Czech, France, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain, and US ...quite a crew!)

Until next time ....Vi Ses!

Shelby and Kjerstin

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