Thursday, April 15, 2010

German Photos: Part 2

Here are the photos to go with the latest blog entry, so if you haven't read it yet,
do that first!

This is Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Above is the Front Gate. You can see how lovely the weather was that day; 60 degrees and sunny. Ironic, isn't it?

The chimney for the crematorium.
A view of the gate from inside the camp. You can see the open spaced filled with the remaining camp foundations.

Erfurt Augustinian Cloister

Inside the monastery church where Luther became a priest.

Luther's room at the monastery. Not very big, is it?

The monastery courtyard. It was very beautiful.

Me and KJ at the monastery :)
Old City Centre, Erfurt. I have enhanced the colors a bit, but they were still very vibrant! The blue building is where had our pasta and ice cream.

The Town Hall of Erfurt. I am not sure if it is still in use as a town hall. Most of the these kind of towns have their old town hall, and then a new one that they use for municipal functions.

In the middle of the Old Town was the huge and majestic "St Mary's Cathedral." Unfortunately it was so large, that one photo could not really capture it properly. It is much better to be there. Although it was odd because right in front of this beautiful cathedral was a sketchy carnival. Go figure.

We sneaked into the cathedral right before it closed and got to see the inside. It was gorgeous.

Me, Kjerstin, and Stephanie with our giant ice creams! Yummy :)

Bach Museum, Eisenach. These are the chairs I mentioned. You would put on the headphones, relax, and enjoy the music.

Bach's House
Bach's Statue - Eisenach
Luther's House : Eisenach (Note that in the acquisition of this photo...I may or may not have fallen into a flowerbed...Good thing only Jana was there to know the truth!)

Architecture in Eisenach

Martin Luther statue in Eisenach

Me and Jana in Eisenach

Wartburg Castle - And yes, there is something wrong with the Europe they like to call that "Development Work." Unfortunately we encountered this "development work" at pretty much every architectural attraction in UK during our spring break as well. It must have been the season for it.

View from Wartburg Castle

Wartburg Castle

More Wartburg Castle

Interior Mosaic, Wartburg Castle

Great Hall, Wartburg Castle
Another dinky room for Luther to reside in.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Vi Ses,

Shelby (and Kjerstin)

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures, Shelby. I went to Europe as a Senior in high school. Your photos brought back so many good memories! Stay safe :) (I read ML's blog today)