Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Germany Photos : Part 1

Okey dokey, here are our photos that would coincide with the latest blog entry. Once again, I apologize that they cannot be mixed in with the blog, but blogger is proving to not be as user-friendly as I had hoped!

Anyways, here is Kjerstin hanging out with her pal Martin in Lutherstadt (Luther Town) Wittenberg. That is the town's official name now, since the majority of Luther's history can be found here.
Luther's House
Statue of Katherina Von Bora. The sculptor made it to signify "Katie" leaving her old life as a nun and walking through the door to join Martin in her new life.

Luther House and Museum

Our lovely tour guide Katya, speaking to us outside the Wittenberg University.

The City Church of Wittenberg

The pulpit in the city church, however not the one the Luther used. That altar (which by the way is extremely small) can be found in the Luther Museum.

The "Jewish Pig" sculpture on the church.

Here is a zoomed out version of the "Jewish Pig." It's not terribly noticeable, so I am glad that Katya pointed it out and shared the story behind it.

The memorial underneath the "Jewish Pig"

The Castle Church

The "Door." Etched into the door are Luther's 95 Theses. Apparently they only open the door once a year for Reformation Day.

Interior of Castle Church. Pretty, huh?

Here is Kjerstin making her print while the crazy print shop man looks on.

Some of the other printings made in the shop.

One of the streets in the Old Town of Wittenberg.

Stephanie, in the blue shirt, walks down another one of the streets in Wittenberg. That pretty little canal used to be for drinking water...and sewage. Now, it's just for decoration (thank goodness!).
Me and my super doner! Yummy :)

Vi Ses Friends!

Shelby (and Kjerstin)

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