Sunday, April 25, 2010

London Photos

Alright everyone, you know the drill. If you haven't already read the entry about London, do that first! Alright, now that that's settled, enjoy this photo from the end of our stay in London, where we crossed Abbey Road. I promise from here on, the photos will be in chronological order.

Paddington Station, our home base for transport for the whole of our visit.

The National Gallery, by way of Trafalgar Square.

Me and Lauren at Trafalgar Square.

Fountain at Trafalgar Square and view of National Gallery.

Covent Garden open air marketplace.

Parliament Building - Westminster

The Thames at Westminster.

Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, and Parliament.

Me and Big Ben.

Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey.

Buckingham Palace.

Me at Buckingham Palace.

Me living out my Harry Potter fantasy at King's Cross Station.

St. Paul's Cathedral by night.

Beware of Fleet Street and it's demon barber....Sweeney Todd!

Tower of London

The line at Tower of London for the crown Jewels!

Tower Bridge

Um, self-explanatory?

Me in my delight at the Globe Theatre!

Globe Theatre

Us at Haymarket Theatre after purchasing our Waiting for Godot.

London Photo Opportunity :) (with Stephanie)

British Museum

Rosetta Stone at British Museum

Peter Pan! (Kensington Gardens)
And some really good life advice.....always "Mind the Gap"

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for two more spring break posts!


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