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Norway Kviss : True or False

Norway Kviss : True or False
Hyggelig å se deg!

Sunday night the whole group of us had dinner with Uwe and Birger, and Birger came with a little surprise. He had created a kviss (quiz) about Norwegians for us to take. I am going to put the true or false questions here and put the answers on the bottom of the post. Keep track of your answers on a sheet of paper and scroll down to see how you did!

No peeking! See if you can beat my score (a whopping 16/32).

Hint: Don't be too nice and remember that the questions were written by a crazy and sarcastic old Norwegian man.

Birger's Norway and the Norwegian's Statements and Allegations Quizz

1. About 1900 Norway was the second poorest nation in Europe

2. We are world famous in Norway (and by we I think he means Norwegians....not sure about that one)

3. A small and insignificant country in the world

4. We bear the sole responsibility for the English being such mess

5. Envy is stronger than sex

6. All norwegians are born with skiis on their legs

7. The distance measured to your neighbor is a stone's throw

8. We are skeptical by nature

9. The best kept secret in Europe

10. We prefer to live in splendid solitude

11. The blessing of the christian civilization has never descended upon this nation

12. We are naive, gullible and nature bound

13. An American, Boyard Taylor, after a trip to this country wrote a book about Norway in 1857. He wrote that, "Norwegians are primative, ugly, illiterate, dirty, drunkards, underdeveloped and dishonest. Apart from Africa, I have never seen such ugly women." Did he write it?

14. We love and hate the Americans

15. Many Norwegians, about 1 million, left the country from 1825 and onwards, ending up in your country (the U.S.)

16. Due to the climate, Norway in unfit for a human being

17. We are phlegmatic and down-to-earth people

18. We are rude and impolite

19. We are full of preconceived ideas

20. We are arrogant, greedy and provincial conformists.

21. We get fatter and richer and more selfish

22. All Norwegians are keen skiers

23. We have the most beautiful girls and men in the world

24. We have three extra letters in our alphabet: å , ø, and æ

25. 94.9 percent of the population has blue eyes and blond hair

26. The crown princess of Norway had an illegitimate child before she married the crown prince

27. 3 percent of the land in Norway is cultivated

28. Oslo is the capital of Sweden

29. We have a president in Norway

30. Many Norwegian politicians have stepped down because of sex scandals

31. Norwegians discovered Americans

32. Norwegians sleep with their windows open

Anwers according to Birger, (and explanation if I can give one)

1. True Norway has only been the richest country in the world for the last 70 years or so thanks to OIL!
2. True
3. True
4. True
5. True
6. False Believe it or not, there are some Norwegians that don't ski....GASP! But those that do are really good at it!
7. True
8. True
9. True
10. True
11. False Birger tried to trick us with this one. Most Norwegians are not practicing Christians, so it almost seems like this would be true....but it's not.
12. True
13. True Hard to believe but true
15. True
16. True
17. True
18. True People are not Minnesota nice here in Norway, they have to warm up to you first
19. True
20. True See why I told you to not be too nice.... :)
21. True Because they are such a rich country, they are starting to act like Americans...watching tv and eating a they are starting to get fat supposedly
22. False
23. False Birger said " No, that would be Sweden, we have to give the poor devils something!"
24. True
25. False There are really not that many natural blonds here, maybe a few more than Minnesota, but not nearly as many as expected.
26. True However, not nearly as big of a deal in Norway as it would be in the U.S.
27. True
28. False If you got this one wrong, I am ashamed of you!
29. True They have a president of the parliament, who serves under the prime minister, who serves under the King and Queen (although they are figureheads). 30. False It's not that the politicians are better behaved, but Norwegians have more of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about scandal.
31. True At least most of us that have learned about Vikings seem to think so....but I suppose it is debatable :)
32. True

Hope you did well on the quizz! It sure was a fun little activity for us :)

Ha det bra!

Shelby (og Kjerstin)

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