Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oslo Photos

Hello All! Hei Hei fra Lillehammer. I know there has been no update from last weekend yet, but please enjoy the wait while you view some photos from our trip to Oslo the weekend before :)

Here you are viewing the monolith at Vigeland Park. Pretty cool!
Me in front of the Palace! No, we did not harass the guards. We will save that for our trip to London.
Kjerstin and I in front of a statue of Henrik Ibsen at the National Theatre in Oslo.

Did you know: Ibsen is the 2nd most performed dramatist in the WORLD...second only to Shakespeare!
Some of the ladies in our group walking to the Nobel Peace Prize museum. Notice the banner on the left with Obama's face on it.

Here are two views of the Oslo Harbor.

And below we have Stortinget, the Parliament building. Below that and left is a picture from the inside of the Akershus Fort and Castle. My Norwegian sources tell me that Queen Margaret lived here for some time. The same Queen Margaret of Denmark that we saw in Lillehammer? I hope so!

Below is a view of Oslo from the Fort, so you can see the old architecture fuse with the modern skyscrapers.

Left: The wall of the Akershus Fort

Above Left: Us girls on Karl Johan's Street at night :)
Above Right: View of Oslo Harbor from the Fram Museum

I had more photos from the Fram, but I am still working out the kinks of this blogging thing and they have disappeared. Whoops. Basically we frolicked on the deck of the Fram and have a lot of "ship" themed poses. Most of these photos are on facebook if you want to see more and have an account.

Right: The cabin of the Kon Tiki - from the museum

That's all for now. Stay tuned for an update on our weekend and our spring break plans!

Ha det bra!

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